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Chaos is the dark and fertile realm of creation, impregnated with countless seeds of Divine Light. You are one of those seeds. It has taken many lifetimes for you to grow into your current level of consciousness. If Chaos still terrifies you, it is simply because you have not yet caught a glimpse of your own light, which is the Divine Seed of consciousness within you.

Chaos is the formless void from which all creation manifests. Its power is unimaginable and its vast emptiness is incomprehensible. Your senses (all of them) detect the manifestations, only your consciousness can penetrate the void to enter the source.

Exploring Chaos

Everything you know is a tiny island of mental, emotional and physical forms floating in the sea of chaos.

All things emerged from that chaos. You emerged from that chaos. From your central point of consciousness within chaos, you build what you know from experience. Everything in the unknown appears as chaos until you explore it and make it known. It can be a terrifying and exciting journey. Either way, you have no choice but to travel your own path into the unknown and make it known.

This website is the expression of my dedication to exploring the nature of reality, with a particular emphasis on the purpose of being human. When compared to common concepts of ‘reality’, I explore things considered fringe or even impossible. That is the nature of exploring chaos. You might even see some of the journeys here as a threat to your world-view or self-image, or dismiss it as primitive superstition. But if you have the courage to have a new experience, some of the ideas presented here can help you explore the unknown and transform it into something known and valuable.

Explore this site with your natural skepticism, but not so much that your curiosity shuts down. That way the journey just might expand your view of reality.

This site is all about Astrology. Astrology is a powerful tool for exploring your life. It can help you see the patterns in the chaos, the intelligence in the design of your life.

Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity Carl Jung

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